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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreportedlyre‧port‧ed‧ly /rɪˈpɔːtɪdli $ -ɔːr-/ adverb [sentence adverb]  SAYaccording to what some people say Her husband’s assets are reportedly worth over $15 million.
Examples from the Corpus
reportedlyEven Vice President Al Gore has reportedly been dragged into the controversy.Four people were reportedly killed during violent clashes with the Army in the capital, Santo Domingo.The voting reportedly passed off peacefully and was marked by apathy among the electorate of 5,200,000.Intel is reportedly planning power-boosting Overdrive processors for the Pentium.Mr Morgado reportedly received a $ 60 million settlement from Time Warner following his dismissal.His first marriage, to heiress Catherine Mellon, ended in divorce, and he reportedly received a $ 7 million settlement.It also reportedly sold off a bunch of Sparc motherboards on very aggressive terms.
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