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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepressedre‧pressed /rɪˈprest/ adjective  1 HIDE/NOT SHOWhaving feelings or desires that you do not allow yourself to express or think about, especially sexual feelings syn frustrated a repressed middle-aged woman2 repressed feelings or desires are ones which you do not allow yourself to express or think about repressed anger
Examples from the Corpus
repressedAs if some one like me should have sat there quietly like a mouse, demure and repressed!I had a lot of repressed anger toward my family that I didn't realize till my father died.The Victorian era is characterized by its strict conventions and repressed emotion.The vicious circle of repressed feeling is finally broken.An initial period of identification is important to a repressed group that has never had adequate self-images.It may well have been rooted in a repressed homosexuality according to the psychoanalytic model.The repressed is, says Freud, the prototype of the unconscious.She's probably lived such a repressed life she goes berserk when she comes out to the West Indies.It is a form of reenactment of repressed memories, a kind of photo-theatre, or psychic realism.Arthur Penn's movie is a study of teenage trauma and repressed sexuality masquerading as a Western.The actress plays a repressed young woman trapped in a loveless marriage.
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