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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreproofre‧proof /rɪˈpruːf/ noun formal  1 [uncountable]BLAME blame or disapproval She greeted me with a look of cold reproof.2 [countable]BLAME a remark that blames or criticizes someone a mild reproof
Examples from the Corpus
reproofThere had been something of a reproof in that letter, even though no word of it had been written openly.Shame on shame, and the sight of the awful mixture of distress and reproof in his parents' faces.A similar distinction may be made between praise and reproof on the one hand and credit and blame on the other.Her voice was balanced precisely between reproof and mild shock.When Gebrec approached, he took him by the arm and murmured something which Melissa took to be a mild reproof.a sharp reproofNo reason for the reproof is suggested.The reproof of Beatrice is not, I conceive, as remote as it might seem from our own world.The reproof, justified or not, is significant.
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