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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreputere‧pute /rɪˈpjuːt/ noun [uncountable] formal  REPUTATIONreputationof good/high/international etc repute a man of high reputeof (some) repute (=having a good reputation) a hotel of some repute
Examples from the Corpus
reputeRamsay knew her by repute only and had been looking forward to seeing her in person.Are you acquainted if only by repute with a Mr Landor who is a poet?Irene was sent to a house of ill repute, but remained pure.This repute seemed to give the new managers the confidence to approach their bosses as resources.Both universities have medical schools, hospitals, clinics and research centers of worldwide repute.of good/high/international etc reputeFurness wool was of good repute.
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