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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreputedlyre‧put‧ed‧ly /rɪˈpjuːtɪdli/ adverb [sentence adverb]  REPUTATIONaccording to what some people say syn reportedly, → allegedly The committee had reputedly spent over $3000 on ‘business entertainment’.
Examples from the Corpus
reputedlyThe two actors reputedly almost came to blows and ended the film not talking to each other.Some, uncharitably, have suggested the railways, particularly as his last book reputedly didn't sell so well.Pierry derives its name from a stratum of flint in the subsoil which reputedly gives its wine a marked flinty taste.If so, then Social Darwinism would work just as selectively in government where the bureaucratic struggle is reputedly severe.The situation is that of the outsider meeting the pleasures of a different, reputedly splendid civilization.His wife, reputedly to his fury, once sat on the bonnet of one and scratched its paintwork.Already Fitch's new headquarters is reputedly worth the £13 million it cost to buy and convert.
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