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re‧quire‧ment S2 W2 [countable usually plural]
1 something that someone needs or asks for:
The refugees' main requirements are food and shelter.
requirement of
Potatoes can provide one-third of our daily requirement of vitamin C.
meet/fulfil/satisfy a requirement (=have or do what is necessary)
The new computer system will meet all our requirements.
surplus to requirements British English (=more than is needed)
The increase in gas-fired power stations means traditional coal ones are becoming surplus to requirements.
2 something that must be done because of a law or rule:
If you are installing a new bathroom, it has to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.
Two measures have been introduced as legal requirements.
3SEBE something, especially good examination results, that a college, employer etc says you must have in order to do something
requirement for
English 4 is a requirement for English majors.
To find out about entry requirements for students, write to the college admissions board.
The minimum requirement for the post was a degree in engineering.

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