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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresalere‧sale /ˈriːseɪl/ noun [uncountable]  the activity of selling goods that you have bought from someone elseresell
Examples from the Corpus
resaleHe also caused a stir with his purchase in 1896 and resale in segments of the Trafford Park estate in Manchester.A company owned and run by Mr and Mrs Bunch carried on the business of purchase and resale of bulk butter.The spivs will wave away any objections with promises about easy resale, low cost finance and tiny deposit payments.The year end 1991 figures exclude 3,734 employees directly employed by overseas businesses held for resale which were sold during 1992.For example, often firms will receive quantity discounts when they are purchasing large quantities of goods for manufacture or resale.However patrons may deposit tickets at the Box Office for possible resale.If you are buying a property, then always try to maximise your resale potential.
From Longman Business Dictionaryresalere‧sale /ˈriːseɪl/ noun [uncountable]COMMERCE1the selling of goods that you have bought from someone elseIt began buying computer peripherals from Hitachifor resale to its European customers.theresale prices of these carsthe computerresale market2resales [plural] things, especially houses, that are being sold by the person who bought themResales are selling in 90 days.
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