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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresentfulre‧sent‧ful /rɪˈzentfəl/ adjective  ANGRYfeeling angry and upset about something that you think is unfair syn bitterresentful of/about/at etc She felt resentful at not being promoted.resentfully adverbresentfulness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
resentfulAs they grew closer, McCarthy said, Mary became resentful.I watched them, half resentful.Harvey feels bitter and resentful about the way he's been treated.They probably thought she was resentful and sullen.So there he stood, facing one thousand completely mystified and increasingly resentful delegates.Jealous, resentful, morally superior, I stayed on with the rest of the proletariat.Half-dressed and short of breath, they lay side by side resentful of one another and the skylight above them.Robert was resentful of the fact that Forbes had been given the promotion.Diana Hutchison, in her article, cited the astrologers' resentful reactions.She sighed, feeling resentful towards Penry Vaughan for making her come up here.resentful of/about/at etcIn the months prior to the incident, white male students had become more openly resentful of black men dating white women.Others because they are depressed, worried or resentful about family, school or work problems.He made a good living, and seemed resentful of his wife's decision to take in a lodger.This was a Britain intolerant of difference, uncomfortable with outsiders and resentful of insiders.Half-dressed and short of breath, they lay side by side resentful of one another and the skylight above them.Possibly he might be angry or resentful about some one's attitude to him.And men were always resentful about their wives getting into anything.
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