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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresentmentre‧sent‧ment /rɪˈzentmənt/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  ANGRYa feeling of anger because something has happened that you think is unfair syn bitternessresentment at/against/of etc She was filled with deep resentment at being passed over for promotion.feel/harbour/bear resentment He felt considerable resentment towards Sheila for making him work late.COLLOCATIONSverbsfeel resentmentHe felt resentment at the criticism.bear resentment (=feel it)My father's favourite was my younger sister, and I'd always borne him some resentment for this.harbour resentment (=continue to feel it)You obviously harbour some resentment against your ex-boyfriend.cause/create resentmentThe special arrangements for overseas students caused resentment among the other students.breed resentment (=cause it)These misunderstandings had bred resentment.arouse resentment (=make people feel it)The terms of his contract aroused deep resentment among the other players.adjectivesdeep resentmentThe soldiers' presence has created deep resentment.bitter resentment (=very strong)Heavy-handed policing caused bitter resentment.great/considerable resentmentThere was great resentment among the workforce.widespread resentment (=felt by a lot of people or in many places)The actions of the police during the miners' strike caused widespread resentment.growing/increasing resentmentSoon growing resentment against foreigners erupted into violence.smouldering resentment (=resentment that is felt for a long time but not expressed)The unrest highlighted the smouldering resentment in France's poor neighbourhoods.
Examples from the Corpus
resentmentResentment and jealousy can often build up in relationships.Bitterness, anger and resentment can act as emotional cancers, eating us up inside.And Dexter tried to calm his faint resentment against her for casting a shadow over his optimistic mood.She couldn't let go of her resentment over the divorce.Ezra had read it and was surprised by his resentment.The repudiation now seemed too high a price, and in my resentment, I determined not to make any more concessions.I know the feeling of resentment, of anger, of a kind of twisted jealousy.She felt a stab of resentment for the Church's claims on her precious holiday.Neither Mama nor Dad showed the slightest surprise or resentment toward the doctor.But there was resentment also at the lack of industrial development in the city and its surrounding areas.Patricia stared at the other girls with resentment.Patrick stared at her with resentment.feel/harbour/bear resentmentOnly once did I bear resentment after being beaten.When we are sinned against we have a decision either to forgive or harbour resentment.When we feel resentment or act out of a sense of duty it can sometimes be seen and felt by the person concerned.
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