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res‧er‧va‧tion S3
1 [countable]D an arrangement which you make so that a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc is kept for you at a particular time in the future [↪ booking]:
a dinner reservation
Customers are advised to make seat reservations well in advance.
2 [uncountable and countable] a feeling of doubt because you do not agree completely with a plan, idea, or suggestion
We condemn their actions without reservation (=completely).
3 [countable] an area of land in the US kept separate for Native Americans to live on:
a Navajo reservation
4 [countable] American English an area of land where wild animals can live without being hunted [= reserve; = preserve AmE]
a wildlife reservation
types of hotel: motel, inn, B&B British English, guesthouse British English

types of room: double room (=has a bed for two people)
twin room
(=has two single beds)
single room
(=for one person)
(=has two or more rooms)

people who work at a hotel: desk clerk (=gives you your key)
British English/bellhop American English (=takes your bags up to your room)
also chambermaid (=cleans your room)

someone who is staying at a hotel: guest

the place where you check in, check out, and pay your bill: front desk, reception British English

an arrangement to stay at a hotel: reservation also booking British English

hotel services: room service, wake-up call

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