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reservationres‧er‧va‧tion /ˌrezəˈveɪʃən $ -zər-/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 [countable]DBUY an arrangement which you make so that a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc is kept for you at a particular time in the futurebooking a dinner reservation Customers are advised to make seat reservations well in advance.2 [countable, uncountable]NOT SURE a feeling of doubt because you do not agree completely with a plan, idea, or suggestionhave/express reservations (about something) I had serious reservations about his appointment as captain. We condemn their actions without reservation (=completely).3 [countable]SANAREA an area of land in the US kept separate for Native Americans to live on a Navajo reservation4 [countable] American EnglishHBAAREA an area of land where wild animals can live without being hunted syn reserve, preserve American English a wildlife reservationCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: an arrangement which you make so that a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc is kept for you at a particular time in the futureverbsmake a reservationDidn't you make a reservation?have a reservationWe have a reservation for seven o'clock.confirm a reservationWe will send you an email to confirm your reservation.cancel a reservationShe called the restaurant and cancelled the reservations.NOUN + reservationa dinner/lunch reservationI'd forgotten to make a dinner reservation.a hotel reservationI canceled my hotel reservation.an airline reservationMake sure you have an airline reservation before booking the hotel.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a feeling of doubt because you do not agree completely with a plan, idea, or suggestionverbshave reservationsI have reservations about her work.express reservations (=say that you have reservations)I did not think it wise to express my reservations.adjectivessome/certain reservationsDespite some reservations, I recommend this book.serious/grave reservationsThey had serious reservations about the plan.strong reservationsFive of the committee members expressed strong reservations about the product's safety.considerable reservationsWe have considerable reservations about the government's economic proposals.a minor reservation (=not serious or important)I voted "yes", although I had a few minor reservationsa major reservation (=serious or important)We have major reservations about his ability to do the job.
Examples from the Corpus
reservation"I'd like a table for two please." "Do you have a reservation, madam?"She packed her bags, then called the airport and made a reservation on the last flight out of Los Angeles.I was informed that I was free to make a reservation for the next available seat, which was six weeks hence.There are reservations as to its validity because of the small samples and the non-parametric nature of some of the variables.I have to work late tonight, so I cancelled our dinner reservations.There might be trouble getting hotel reservations the week of the festival.By 1975, almost everyone on the reservation went armed, and few dared to walk around outside even in daylight.a 50,000 acre private wildlife reservationmake ... reservationsThe 33-kiosk Seville network allows users to scan menus, view pictures of a restaurant's interior and make and confirm reservations.No dinner is provided but Gloria and Richard will recommend local restaurants and make reservations.Many newcomers were upset that they would be unable to camp there after having made reservations months in advance.I made reservations for Kulikov and Saryan.Although it cuts down on your freedom, Steves now recommends making make reservations at least a few hours in advance.You must make reservations about two weeks in advance.Groups of ten or more should make advance reservations.without reservationWe welcomed her back without reservation.
From Longman Business Dictionaryreservationres‧er‧va‧tion /ˌrezəˈveɪʃən-zər-/ noun [countable]TRAVEL an arrangement in which a place on a plane, in a hotel, in a restaurant etc is kept for a customer who will arrive later SYN booking BrEEvery passenger is guaranteed a seat without a reservation.
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