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reserve the right to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreserve the right to do somethingreserve the right to do somethingformalRIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TO if you reserve the right to do something, you will do it if you think it is necessary – used especially in notices or official documents The management reserves the right to refuse admission. reserve
Examples from the Corpus
reserve the right to do somethingHuman beings reserve the right to alter and change views.These charges and interest rates are variable and the Bank reserves the right to amend them from time to time.The Regional Council reserves the right to augment these observations in reply to the grounds of appeal.This must be returned within five days, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the contract.We reserve the right to edit letters.Gazette reserves the right to publish at our discretion a photograph of the prize winner. 6.The management reserves the right to refuse admission.The editor reserves the right to select and edit questions.
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