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residentres‧i‧dent1 /ˈrezɪdənt/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 LIVE SOMEWHEREsomeone who lives or stays in a particular place the residents of Westville2 American EnglishMN a doctor working at a hospital where he or she is being trained syn registrar British English
Examples from the Corpus
residentResidents of Glacier Bay are complaining about the pollution caused by cruise ships.Residents of Westville complained about the town's bus system.The police have arrested residents for being under the influence of drugs, he said.And he said the application would be strongly opposed by residents.She is deeply involved in litigation and negotiations in which the potential stakes for city residents are massive.Parking spaces are for residents only.Local residents are protesting about the new road.There are also important differences in levels of mobility between rural residents.In the Sunshine state, residents over age 60 cast about 40 percent of the vote.Certain villages were strongholds of cattle thieves and their residents derived a significant portion of their incomes from the cattle trade.Last year, residents and business owners decided to take action.
residentresident2 ●○○ AWL adjective  1 formalLIVE SOMEWHERE living in a placeresident in Many retired British people are now resident in Spain.2 [only before noun]LIVE SOMEWHERE living or working in a particular place or institution a resident tutor The resident population of mental hospitals has fallen by 20%.3 [only before noun]GROUP OF PEOPLE belonging to a particular group of people – used humorously He’s our resident expert on computer games.
Examples from the Corpus
residentBy then he was unofficially resident and working abroad, and in uneasy relations with the Soviet authorities.Pressed into action, Alvin found it difficult to conceive of himself as a mere resident choreographer.the resident conductor at the Oregon SymphonyHe's our resident expert on computer games.Only archers born or resident in Yorkshire are eligible for these.I am resident now for almost 18 years.Such a lot of them too, with eight children, as well as a resident relative.resident inWhile resident in Vienna he continued his musical studies.
From Longman Business Dictionaryresidentres‧i‧dent /ˈrezɪdənt/ noun [countable]1someone who lives permanently in a particular placeInterest is paid to UK residents without further liability to basic rate tax.Mining companies provided mainly unskilled work for local residents.resident adjectiveIf the taxpayer is resident in the United Kingdom, he will have to pay tax on his income wherever it arises.2TRAVELsomeone who is staying in a particular hotelAt present the hotel bar is open to residents only.
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