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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresidualre‧sid‧u‧al /rɪˈzɪdʒuəl/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  formalREMAIN/BE LEFT remaining after a process, event etc is finished the residual effects of drug treatmentresidual income (=the money left from what you earn after you have paid your taxes)
Examples from the Corpus
residualMy personal theory is that the reported goldfish deaths are due to residual effects of these F rays.Those left with residual paralysis faced a range of ill effects, from the minor to the life-changing.Both sets of inquiries pointed to the existence of a degenerate underclass of the population which formed a residual pool of infection.The residual stress so created enables the bond to release the grains at predetermined stress levels.residual incomeAs this comment suggests, food is the major item to be paid for within the family's residual income.Next year parents whose residual income is below £11,500 will not be assessed for a contribution.
From Longman Business Dictionaryresidualre‧sid‧u‧al /rɪˈzɪdʒuəl/ adjectiveACCOUNTING1residual income/revenue/assets etc the amount of money or assets left after all taxes or other necessary payments have been madethe right to any residual assets on the liquidation of the companyresidual noun [countable]the value of the residual after all fixed claims have been met2residual income/payments money that someone gets because work that they did previously continues to produce income, for example money that a writer or actor gets when their work is broadcast againresiduals noun [plural]The industry is proposing cuts in residuals for certain television reruns.
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