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residueres‧i‧due /ˈrezədjuː $ -duː/ ●○○ noun  1 HC[countable, uncountable] a substance that remains on a surface, in a container etc and cannot be removed easily, or that remains after a chemical processresidue from residue from sewage treatment plants The flies leave a sticky residue on crops. Rinse off any soap residue.2 REMAIN/BE LEFT[countable] formal the part of something that is left after the rest has gone or been taken awayresidue of The residue of the stock was sold.
Examples from the Corpus
residueThey are sometimes acidic to neutralise any alkaline residues carried over from the washing process and sometimes include disinfectants.Peel bananas, removing any residue left by skin.The boiling off of liquids, he noted, leaves an intensely, sometimes unpleasantly bitter residue.That notion is quite compatible with a certain residue of benevolent despotism exercised by Tory squires.The structure makes clear why certain residues are highly conserved.As I soaked in the hot pool, I felt the weeks of accumulated tear-gas residue seeping out of my pores.Soap can leave a slight residue on your skin.Yet the feeble post-Soviet residue still houses thousands of nuclear weapons.They were the residue of titles that had since gone into paperback editions.leave ... residueCity dwellers should use a light conditioner because heavy ones can leave residues which attract grime.This is not always necessary on liquid-based foundation as it dries and will set without leaving any residue.residue ofa residue of anger and hatred
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