re‧sist‧ance S2 W3

against change

[singular,uncountable] a refusal to accept new ideas or changes
resistance to
people's resistance to change
resistance from
The no-smoking policy was introduced with little resistance from staff.


[singular,uncountable]PMD fighting against someone who is attacking you
put up/offer resistance
Rebel gunmen have put up strong resistance.

against infection/illness

[singular,uncountable]MIHB the natural ability of a person, animal, or plant to stop diseases or difficult conditions from harming them
resistance to
the body's resistance to infection
disease resistance

wind/air/water resistance

TTTEM the way in which wind, air, or water can cause a moving object such as a car, plane, or boat to slow down


[uncountable]TEEHPE the ability of a substance to stop the flow of an electric current through it

the resistance

also the ResistancePPGPM an organization that secretly fights against an enemy that controls their country

the line/path of least resistance

if you follow the path of least resistance, you avoid making difficult decisions and choose the easiest solution to a problem - often used to show disapproval:
Many people don't make changes because they're following the path of least resistance.

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