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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresoluteres‧o‧lute /ˈrezəluːt/ adjective  DETERMINEDdoing something in a very determined way because you have very strong beliefs, aims etc opp irresolute resolute opposition resolute leadership She remained resolute in her belief that the situation would improve.see thesaurus at determinedresolutely adverb Mia resolutely refused to talk about her illness.
Examples from the Corpus
resoluteThis situation requires our resolute action.I could also imagine the gentle but resolute Amsale recognizing a kindred spirit in Neil Brown.The monastic chroniclers especially recorded with high indignation the resolute enforcement of the Forest jurisdiction over clerical offenders.He was the resolute father who protected his family against the elements, psychopaths and even the devil.The players stood resolute in the hope of having their former agreement renewed.Tough policies and resolute leadership always create enemies.Henry Foley's Records contain forty-eight pages of his letters, which display resolute leadership.In the face of resolute opposition, the bill was withdrawn in November.This can be limited and even stopped by resolute political action.But against a resolute Portadown defence they were getting little change.
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