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resort to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresort to somethingresort to somethingformal when you must use or depend on something because nothing better is availablewithout resort to something We hope they will be able to resolve the situation without resort to force. resort
Examples from the Corpus
without resort to somethingUseful results can often be achieved through simple analysis without resorting to the more sophisticated techniques.The couple were helped to explore constructive methods of dealing with future crises without resorting to self-poisoning.I should add that Louis managed to defeat Schmeling in that second fight without resorting to biting.Our technique permits continuous recording from the upper oesophageal sphincter for periods of several hours without resort to sedation.Chrysler said it sold lots of minivans, trucks and Jeeps without resorting to big rebates.It also allows people access to loans without resorting to the extortionate rates charged by some legitimate credit companies.So how did we nail the opportunist without resorting to high-level warfare?Socrates finds satisfying, gut-wrenching answers to these and other universal questions without resorting to violence or to 911.
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