Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: ressource, from Old French resourdre 'to rise again, relieve', from Latin resurgere; RESURGENCE


1 noun
Related topics: Education, Geography
re‧source1 S2 W1

land/oil/coal etc

[countable usually plural]SG something such as useful land, or minerals such as oil or coal, that exists in a country and can be used to increase its wealth:
Canada's vast mineral resources
a country rich in natural resources

money/property etc


[plural]BF all the money, property, skills etc that you have available to use when you need them:
Only limited resources are available to the police.
pool your resources (=put together all the resources that each of you can provide)
human resources

personal qualities


[plural] personal qualities, such as courage and determination, that you need to deal with a difficult situation:
He proved that he has considerable inner resources.


[countable]SE something such as a book, film, or picture used by teachers or students to provide information:
resources for learning
a valuable new computer resource

practical ability

[uncountable] formal the ability to deal with practical problems [= resourcefulness]:
a man of great resource

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