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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresourcesresources[plural]BF all the money, property, skills etc that you have available to use when you need them She had no financial resources. Only limited resources are available to the police.pool your resources (=put together all the resources that each of you can provide) human resources resource
Examples from the Corpus
pool your resourcesThey talked about pooling their resources.We decided to share the place together and pool our resources.Many companies are pooling their resources and talents through alliances and mergers with other companies to make the electronic marketplace a reality.We still worked for our own papers but pooled our resources when it came to the human-interest pieces for the Sundays.Like pooling our resources and that.But, Lowe wondered, what if they pooled their resources and produced a paper jointly?It is even cheaper to pool your resources with four or five other bands and put together a composite album.
resourcesresources[plural]CAN personal qualities, such as courage and determination, that you need to deal with a difficult situation He proved that he has considerable inner resources. resource
Examples from the Corpus
inner resourcesSummerchild, I am beginning to think, has considerable inner resources.But even in these circumstances, some people will discover inner resources to cope with suffering that would be intolerable to others.The trap of the giver is pride, believing that you have enough inner resources to give away to others.Jan relied on her inner resources to get her through that tough time.Secure attachments early on in life provide inner resources to manage stressful and threatening situations in later years.And yet when the world needed him, he was able to rally inner resources that probably surprised even himself.The emphasis is less on an individual's inner resources than on the danger he or she poses to others.You can't trust your inner resources if you don't know them.Personal power is about knowing and valuing yourself, and trusting your inner resources.
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