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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrespectedre‧spect‧ed /rɪˈspektɪd/ adjective  ADMIREadmired by many people because of your good work or achievements He’s one of the most respected managers in the game.highly/well/widely/greatly respected a highly respected journalistCOLLOCATIONSadverbshighly/greatly respectedThe author is a highly respected historian.well respectedThey were well respected in their communities.widely respectedJohnson was widely respected as a critic.internationally respectedHe was an internationally respected figure.universally respected (=respected by everyone)Pele is one of the most universally respected footballers of all time.
Examples from the Corpus
respectedFurthermore, respected art handlers have ensured that none of the objects is damaged in transit.In more individual sports, such as tennis and golf, professionals hold respected but wholly separate, socially inferior positions.Once the scheme was adopted, comments were sought from certain nationally respected leaders.He's lived life in a tiny community, a respected member of his class.Yet the dealers are respected members of the community.The International Wine Challenge has grown since its inception in 1984 to become the world's largest and most respected wine competition.highly/well/widely/greatly respectedWhich means you can follow a whole discussion, as well as check out who's who and how well respected.He is highly respected and is Anthony Herbert's assistant judge in the players' court.He is generous and highly respected in the district.The book is written by various authors, all of them well respected in their field of expertise.His playing carried the Dixieland flavor, but he was a highly respected musician who added bluesy vocals to his work.John Alison, a well respected pilot on the show scene then gave out his ten golden rules for survival.Andrew Greeley is a widely respected sociologist of religion.One player has recalled: I've always greatly respected von Karajan, simply because he treated you man to man.
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