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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrespectivelyre‧spec‧tive‧ly /rɪˈspektɪvli/ ●●○ W3 adverb  ORDER/SEQUENCEin the same order as the things you have just mentioned The cups and saucers cost £5 and £3 respectively.
Examples from the Corpus
respectivelyIn terms of population, California and New York rank first and second respectively.Changes in the labour force accounted for 1.53 percent and 1.57 percent respectively.The 3270 and 3179G emulation packages are £270 and £455 respectively.The only bright spot was provided by software and services, where turnover increased by 4.3% and 12.1% respectively.They obtained propulsive rates of 87% and 93% when swallowing liquids and solids respectively.Yendle and Westwood also made important tackles on Webbe and Gareth Thomas respectively.Out of the 35% in favour, 33% and 11% respectively were from solicitors in medium-sized and larger practices.
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