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respite care

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrespite careˈrespite ˌcare noun [uncountable]  temporary care for people who are too old or ill to look after themselves, which allows the people who usually look after them to rest
Examples from the Corpus
respite careIt is also developing a respite care service.Some proposals include provision of a day centre and respite care.This has worked well for both permanent and respite care.A private care home in my constituency accepted an elderly lady for respite care.It briefly outlines activities such as helplines, respite care services and consultation on community care proposals.Any possibility of further reductions in respite care should be strenuously resisted.A carers group might help, but what about some form of respite care for both the carer and the son?Coupled with the financial implications if carers decided they could no longer shoulder this burden the case for supporting respite care becomes overwhelming.
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