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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresponsere‧sponse /rɪˈspɒns $ rɪˈspɑːns/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]REACT something that is done as a reaction to something that has happened or been saidresponse to the public’s response to our appeal for helpin response to something The law was passed in response to public pressure.positive/favourable/negative etc response The exhibition has received a positive response from visitors.an emotional/angry response The decision provoked an angry response from residents. His immediate response was one of disbelief. Emmett’s new exhibition has met with a favourable response from critics.2 [countable]ANSWER/REPLY something that is said or written as a replyresponse to ‘Sure, why not?’ was his response to all of Billie’s suggestions. Carl made no response, and carried on with his meal.in response (to something) I am writing in response to your letter of June 12. Ronni merely groaned in response. rapid-responseCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa positive/favourable responseThe product met with a highly positive response from the public.a negative responseIn Russia, the planned expansion provoked a negative response.an enthusiastic responseThere has been an enthusiastic response to the introduction of soccer coaching for girls.an angry responseHis comments sparked an angry response from opposition politicians.a good/encouraging response (=when people like something or show interest)We’ve had a good response from the public.somebody’s immediate responseWhen he was sentenced, his immediate response was to appeal.a direct responseHer resignation was in direct response to the party’s poor results in the local elections. an appropriate responseShe laughed, which didn't really seem an appropriate response.a strong responseThe photograph provoked a strong response from many people.an emotional responseWhen she died, the emotional response was extraordinary.verbsget a positive etc responseShe got an enthusiastic response to her suggestion.receive a positive etc response (=get it)The proposal has received a positive response from most left-wing voters.meet with a positive etc response (=get it)The change met with a mixed response from employees.provoke a responseThe report provoked a strong response from a number of senior politicians.draw/bring a response from somebodyThe appeal for aid brought a big response from the West.
Examples from the Corpus
responseI wrote to them a month ago but haven't gotten a response yet.I mailed the letter on Monday and had a response already on Friday.The decision provoked an angry response from local residents.Tina's outburst was a delayed response to her husband's behaviour the week before."Sure. Why not?" was his response to most of Billie's suggestions.His response to questions is bland enough, but Sullivan reckoned he was reacting guiltily, not telling the whole truth.In response to local demand, we will be opening this store from nine till seven on Sundays.The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' likely response is to do as little as possible.We've tried to include Susan in our social activities, but we get no response."You've persuaded me, " she laughed, amazed at her own response.Nevertheless, teachers may improve their effectiveness by increasing the frequency of positive responses while reducing the negative.The Secretary of State's response to the Region's submission has accepted the need for these road proposals.Wagner's responses showed that he had thought carefully about the issues.The story has provoked a strong response from the Chinese.Sales are so grim they are offering individual game tickets, although the response has been tepid.General manager Michael Prendergast said he was amazed at the response to the job vacancies.Write your responses to the questions on the back of the sheet.met with ... responseThe Führer's call to fly flags on 5. 6. 1940 met with a joyful response everywhere.Broadcasters were to find that their challenges would be met with a similar response.As Madame Delon had predicted, her enquiry met with a cordial response followed by an unexpected invitation to lunch.The organizers were rarely charged in court, probably because such a prosecution would have met with an unpleasant response.The idea met with a widespread response.His smile met with no response.When the longer breaks were implemented, the change was met with an enthusiastic response from both workers and observers.The week was met with a generous response from the public and media.in response (to something)The shares jumped 93 to Pounds 31.80 in response to positive broker comment and some bullish options activity.Work-inhibited children have erected emotional barriers to education and, in response to demands by adults, these barriers become more impenetrable.The disclosure came in response to reporters' questions about why the planes were not flying.Usually, the dollar will fall in response.Manufacturers cut jobs during November in response to weak consumer spending.Tonicity can then be regulated by the patient in response to thirst.Variations in response put you on your mettle.
From Longman Business Dictionaryresponsere‧sponse /rɪˈspɒnsrɪˈspɑːns/ noun1[countable, uncountable] something done as a reaction to something that has happenedThe company’s difficulties have touched off widely differing responses among its five largest shareholders.response toIts latest move is a response to price slashing by its competitors.Can the system change in response to changes in consumer wants?2[countable] a reply to a letter, telephone call, advertisement etcIt ran a series of radio ads and got 10,000 responses from investors.3response time the time it takes to react to somethinga 24-hour response time on all customer enquiriesThe additional load has slowed the computers’ response times.