re‧spon‧si‧bil‧i‧ty S2 W1 plural responsibilities
1 [uncountable] a duty to be in charge of someone or something, so that you make decisions and can be blamed if something bad happens:
Kelly's promotion means more money and more responsibility.
responsibility for (doing) something
The Minister will have responsibility for coordinating childcare policy.
with responsibility for something
a manager with responsibility for over 100 staff
it is somebody's responsibility to do something
It's your responsibility to inform us of any changes.
The Health Minister has overall responsibility for Britain's hospitals.
take responsibility for (doing) something (=agree to be in charge of something or someone)
Who do you trust to take responsibility for Britain's defence?
Be careful you don't take on too much responsibility.
2 [uncountable] blame for something bad that has happened
responsibility for
By resigning he is trying to avoid responsibility for the political crisis.
The management accepts no responsibility for cars left in the car park.
The Chairman of the airline accepted full responsibility for the accident.
claim responsibility (for something) (=say you are responsible)
No one has yet claimed responsibility for yesterday's bombing.
3 [countable] something that you must do as part of your job or duty:
My responsibilities include answering the phone and dealing with customer enquiries.
family/professional/parental etc responsibilities
a single parent struggling to balance work and family responsibilities
4 [countable] something that you ought to do because it is morally or socially right [= duty]
a responsibility to do something
We all have a responsibility to protect the environment.
Parents need to encourage a sense of responsibility in their children (=the ability to behave sensibly in a way that will not harm themselves or other people).
moral/social/legal etc responsibility
The company saw it as part of its social responsibility to provide education for its workers.

responsibility to somebody

a duty to help someone because of your work or position in society:
A doctor's first responsibility is to her patients.

do something on your own responsibility

formal to do something without being told to do it or officially allowed to do it

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