re‧spon‧si‧ble S2 W2


[not before noun] if someone is responsible for an accident, mistake, crime etc, it is their fault or they can be blamed
responsible for
Police believe that the same man is responsible for three other murders in the area.
We are determined to bring the people responsible to justice.

in charge of

[not before noun] having a duty to be in charge of or to look after someone or something
responsible for
Mills is responsible for a budget of over $5 million.
The airline is legally responsible for the safety of its passengers.
responsible for doing something
He is responsible for recruiting and training new staff.


sensible and able to make good judgments, so that you can be trusted [≠ irresponsible; ↪ reliable]:
You can leave the children with Billy - he's very responsible.
responsible adult/citizen
It's time you started acting like a responsible adult.


[not before noun] if something is responsible for a change, problem, event etc, it causes it
responsible for
The floods were responsible for over a hundred deaths.

responsible job/position

a job in which the ability to make good judgments and decisions is needed

be responsible to somebody

if you are responsible to someone, that person is in charge of your work and you must explain what you have done to them:
Cabinet members are directly responsible to the President.

!! Responsible is always an adjective, never a noun. To be responsible for (doing) something can mean to have done something wrong Who is responsible for this mess? It can also mean to have to do or take care of something You're responsible for taking people's coats. Our department is responsible for marketing.The person/company etc responsible is the person etc who has done something wrong Police are determined to catch the man responsible (NOT the responsible). A responsible person, or someone who is responsible, is sensible Children should be in the care of a responsible adult. He's a very responsible young man.

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