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responsible job/position

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresponsible job/positionresponsible job/positionTRUSTa job in which the ability to make good judgments and decisions is needed responsible
Examples from the Corpus
responsible job/positionSo far his strategy seems to be working: although younger than William, he occupies a more responsible position.Or normally have had not less than three years' experience in a responsible position in an approved specialist field within the industry.The five-year MEng honours degree course is for particularly able students who expect to assume responsible positions in industry immediately after graduation.What had those educated women in that church, many of them with responsible jobs in London, in common with that story?Yet Margaret holds a responsible position in marketing and is by no means untalented.One or two had quite responsible positions in their employment.Now he walks on crutches and holds a responsible position with a magazine in New York.
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