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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresponsivere‧spon‧sive /rɪˈspɒnsɪv $ rɪˈspɑːn-/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 REACTreacting quickly, in a positive way a car with highly responsive steeringresponsive to We try to be responsive to the needs of the customer. Her condition is not responsive to drug therapy.2 REACTeager to communicate with people, and to react to them in a positive way I tried to get him talking, but he wasn’t very responsive.responsively adverbresponsiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
responsiveShe's a very responsive baby.In a region where infant mortality is high, the argument struck a responsive chord.How responsive is it to changes in aggregate demand?Let them see that you are a communicative and responsive leader who listens to what they have to say.The medicine-cabinet market also has been responsive to changing lifestyles and consumer demands.Her condition is usually responsive to drug therapy.The business community recognises that those enterprises deemed to be successful are those which are responsive to market changes.In comparison, Roman law had shown itself flexible and responsive to the interests of creditors.Is the under-structure of government actors always responsive to the will and values of the elite?responsive toManagement needs to be more responsive to the needs of employees.very responsiveOur inner critic starts to become very responsive.Many commented on how very responsive the inexperienced subordinates were.I was very responsive to any problem they had, any question.The uterus is very responsive to bass tones.You usually find shareware authors are very responsive to suggestions and ideas.The first set of sales figures suggests that consumers are very responsive to this idea of fair trade.
From Longman Business Dictionaryresponsivere‧spon‧sive /rɪˈspɒnsɪvrɪˈspɑːn-/ adjective if a company, organization etc is responsive, it is ready to react in a useful or helpful way to problems, complaints, market changes etcresponsive toCompanies have become more responsive to shareholder demands.its drive to become a more flexible, customer-responsive organization
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