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restaurateurres‧tau‧ra‧teur /ˌrestərəˈtɜː $ -ˈtɜːr/ (also restauranteur /ˌrestərɒnˈtɜː $ -rɑːnˈtɜːr/) noun [countable]  BODFsomeone who owns and manages a restaurant
Examples from the Corpus
restaurateurI have a foot in both camps, as a restaurateur, and as a board member.Leading hoteliers, publicans and restaurateurs will converge at the Kings Hall, Balmoral, to choose new wines for their customers.The war-time legacy of the five-shilling legal maximum on restaurant bills was an open cheque for profiteers to pose as restaurateurs.The would-be restaurateur became, by accident, an importer.Also patron of cooks, cutlers, glaziers, restaurateurs, and Sri Lanka.His office was in his home, and day or night restaurateurs or grocers might call to report a refrigeration emergency.You aren't simply at the mercy of restaurateurs.The recipes, I was happy to notice, rapidly found favour with restaurateurs.
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