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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestfulrest‧ful /ˈrestfəl/ adjective  RESTpeaceful and quiet, making you feel relaxed restful musicrestfully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
restfulIt ... it's so restful.Her suite of rooms was cool and restful.Our three-day stop at lake Navasha was restful and picturesque.The doctors said he suffered no pain and was very restful at the end.Sleeping tablets are routinely a restful green.I mean: the view will be quite restful on the eye.I enjoy making my flat a pleasant, welcoming and restful place for others as well.And one could tell from the restful silence in the car that they shared a very real life together.He woke after a long, restful sleep, feeling refreshed.But, if nothing else, our stay in the SleepTight Room was a reminder that restful sleep takes preparation and thought.I'm looking forward to a quiet, restful summer vacation.As this will be the last magazine until late August, may I wish you a restful summer.
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