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restless night

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestless nightrestless nightSLEEPa night during which you cannot sleep or rest restless
Examples from the Corpus
restless nightSomething of the atmosphere in Roxie Farmer's house seemed to go home with Coffin and give him a restless night.I'd had quite a restless night, and breakfast didn't look appetizing.I had quite a restless night, and did not really fancy the tea I was brought in the morning.She had a restless night and is finding it difficult to sleep because of the memories of the attack.Another restless night followed, but she determinedly settled down to work again the next morning.After such a restless night, no doubt arguments were inevitable.Her sleepless, restless night seemed a long way off.After a restless night, she tried again next morning, but with no more success.Hopefully Bill Gates will have a few restless nights too.Sir John had spent a restless night, tossing from side to side in his great double bed.
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