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restorationres‧to‧ra‧tion /ˌrestəˈreɪʃən/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable, uncountable]  1 REPAIRwhen you repair something such as an old building or a piece of furniture, so that it looks the same as when it was first built or maderestoration of a fund for the restoration of historic buildings Major restoration work will begin in May.2 PSCLthe act of bringing back a law, tax, or system of governmentrestoration of They’re fighting for the restoration of democratic rights. the restoration of the monarchy in Spain3 the Restoration4 GIVEthe act of officially giving something back to its former owner syn returnrestoration of an attempt to secure the restoration of their lands
Examples from the Corpus
restorationNow research and restoration would begin.Stolen in 1933, it was taken to Prague in 1934 for restoration after its recovery.Many museums shut down in the afternoon or are closed for restoration.The state has completed a major restoration of the governor's mansion.It launched its £2.5 million restoration appeal in April, and almost £500,000 has already been raised.Although there were some rooms open to the public, most of the interior was desperately in need of restoration.It is also the case that after the dismemberment of Dionysos there is also the restoration of Dionysos to life.Some Native Americans are demanding the restoration of their lands.restoration workArt restoration work is slow, methodical and sometimes tedious.See them using traditional skills on new forged ironwork as well as restoration work.Uppark will first be made weatherproof and opened to the public for six days in November before restoration work begins.She also detected restoration work performed on the painting during the 1960s.Just like Windsor, the blaze happened during restoration work.Today it is the home of Malcom and Gwynneth Hearne who have carried out extensive restoration work.To climb up and remove the picture the thieves used scaffolding already in place for restoration work.The restoration work at Biddulph is now complete.
Restoration, thethe RestorationRestoration, the  the time when the monarchy (=the system of being ruled by a king or queen) was established again in England in 1660, after a brief period when the country was a republic under Oliver Cromwell. The new king was Charles II, and in the period that followed there was a lot of new activity in literature, music, and the theatre.
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