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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestorativere‧sto‧ra‧tive /rɪˈstɔːrətɪv/ adjective formal  BETTER/RECOVEREDmaking you feel healthier or stronger the restorative power of sleep
Examples from the Corpus
restorativeThe surprise alone will be restorative.We simply have to be aggressively restorative and aggressively managerial about our trees and forests.The arts are essential for they have a recreative or restorative function.These establishments could be found in every district in Gallimaufry; places where citizens could relax in the vapours of restorative perfumes.He's a great believer in the restorative power of short naps.Early in the cycle, when progesterone levels are low, women generally get less deep, restorative sleep.
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