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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestorerre‧stor‧er /rɪˈstɔːrə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 a person whose job is repairing old things an art restorer2 someone who brings back something that existed before He was described as a restorer of peace and order.
Examples from the Corpus
restorerHighly professional renovators and restorers moved in and gradually the house resumed its former glory.She got out by marrying Fulton Leser, of a good Baltimore family, an art restorer and her aesthetic soulmate.Strong aftershocks continue to chase art restorers from the shaky church.antique furniture restorersIn the meanwhile, restorer Saveli Yamshchikov thinks that some of this war booty is already seeping out of the country.Often works are farmed out to professional restorers who are required to register with the Ufficio Istruzione Restauri.What does the restorer do first?The restorers manually hacked back the brush each season and planted the choicest prairie flower seed they could find.
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