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restrict yourself/somebody to (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestrict yourself/somebody to (doing) somethingrestrict yourself/somebody to (doing) somethingONLYto allow yourself to have or do only a particular thing or amount of something I’m restricting myself to two cigarettes a day. restrict
Examples from the Corpus
restrict yourself/somebody to (doing) somethingThe funds do not, in practice, restrict themselves to big companies.Even if you have restricted access to kids-only Internet sites and chat rooms, kids can still do it.But some states have restricted access to medications.We ow restrict our attention to simple pencils, where symmetric or not.She spent time with her friends and restricted herself to ten minutes on the perfection of Lucy.Scarlet was enormously prestigious: the thirteenth-century sumptuary laws of the kingdom of Castile and Leon restricted its use to the king.Note, we do not restrict player A to use a linear strategy.
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