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restrictive practices

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestrictive practicesreˌstrictive ˈpractices noun [plural]  1 BELunreasonable rules that are used by a trade union to limit the kind of work that members of other trade unions are allowed to do for a company2 BBan unfair trade agreement between companies that limits the amount of competition there is
Examples from the Corpus
restrictive practicesAlthough these facts look impressive, they may overstate the success of policy against restrictive practices.It dealt with unions and restrictive practices.In some of the privatised ports, ending restrictive practices has led to an improvement in productivity of 50 to 100 percent.These consist of the treatment of dominant firm monopolies, restrictive practices and mergers.Barriers arising from the restrictive practices and cartels of business enterprises.Few would have predicted that a radical, reforming Lord Chancellor would begin an assault on the restrictive practices of barristers.The restrictive practices of stubborn unions keep the new colour-printing presses idle.The railways are also a sink of ancient union restrictive practices.
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