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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresurrectionres‧ur‧rec‧tion /ˌrezəˈrekʃən/ noun [singular]  START something/MAKE something START formal a situation in which something old or forgotten returns or becomes important again a resurrection of old jealousies
Examples from the Corpus
resurrectionHis death and resurrection as shaman lies in his future.the city's economic resurrectionHere was another burial ground, laid open under the light for resurrection.They did not believe in any form of resurrection yet they asked a question concerning this topic.Once beyond possible resurrection, they melded in with the background and slowly rotted away, enriching the world.Incorporated in this revolt was both the resurrection of classical principles and the development of new ones that appear to be incompatible.Thomas refused to believe in the resurrection because that was the natural and human response to such news.The only missing link in the resurrection of Jersey-based punk ghouls the Misfits is co-founder, songwriter and vocalist, Glenn Danzig.President Herrera was making progress in the resurrection of the national spirit and was making clearer the duties and responsibilities of citizenship.
Resurrection, thethe ResurrectionResurrection, the  1 the return of Christ to life after his death as described in the Bible, which is remembered with ceremonies at Easter, and is one of the main beliefs on which Christianity is based2 the return of all dead people to life at the end of the world. Christians believe that, as a result of Christ's resurrection, the souls of people who believe in him will be united with their bodies on judgment day, in a form that will last for ever.
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