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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreticentret‧i‧cent /ˈretəsənt/ adjective  TALK TO somebodyunwilling to talk about what you feel or what you know syn reservedreticent about She’s strangely reticent about her son.see thesaurus at quietreticence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
reticentYet over one thing Edna had remained consistently reticent.But on few matters, it must be added, is even the most sophisticated economic and social comment more reticent.In this matter, she is strangely reticent.The official reports are also reticent.Auster was somewhat reticent about it at first, but finally admitted he was working on a new book.McLaren keeps his own counsel, being as reticent as Ferguson is gregarious.Few of them cared to talk about their jobs; they were as reticent as veterans of an unpopular war.Irma was a shy and reticent child.The hon. Gentleman has been noticeably reticent in this respect in the past.John always was more reticent than his sister.reticent aboutShaw is clearly reticent about discussing his private life.
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