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Date: 1500-1600
Language: Old French
Origin: tirer 'to pull'


Related topics: Games, Sport, Military
reā€§tire S2 W3


a) [intransitive] to stop working, usually because you have reached a certain age:
Most people retire at 65.
He was forced to retire early because of poor health.
retire from
I retired from teaching three years ago.
her decision to retire from her position as librarian of the law society
Her drink problem has forced her to retire from public life.
retire as
He retired as a GP last year.
b) [transitive usually passive] to ask someone to stop doing their job, usually because of ill health:
He became ill and was retired early.

quiet place

[intransitive] formal to go away to a quiet place
retire to
I retired to my room to think.


[intransitive] when a jury in a law court retires, they go away to consider whether someone is guilty or not


[intransitive]DSDG to stop competing in a game or race because you are losing or injured:
He had to retire with a neck injury in the second half.


[intransitive] literary to go to bed


[intransitive]PM to move back from a battle after being defeated

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