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retrace your steps/path/route etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretrace your steps/path/route etcretrace your steps/path/route etcto go back exactly the way you have come After a few minutes, he turned around and began to retrace his steps. retrace
Examples from the Corpus
retrace your steps/path/route etcFrankie forgot the eggs and hurriedly retraced his steps.He kept walking; there was little point in making them suspicious by turning round and retracing his steps.It's an easy walk which can be extended as far as you wish without having to retrace your steps.There are several possible routes to choose - try retracing your steps as far as Suileag.It is best to retrace your steps for the return journey.As he retraced his steps of the past day avoiding streets and roads, he stayed alert to the sounds around him.Ellsworth, who had gone ahead, retraced his steps to shepherd the two through.
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