1 verb
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re‧treat1 [intransitive]


PM to move away from the enemy after being defeated in battle [≠ advance]:
The rebels retreated to the mountains.
They were attacked and forced to retreat.

move back

a) to move away from someone or something:
He saw her and retreated, too shy to speak to her.
retreat to/from/into etc
Perry lit the fuse and retreated to a safe distance.
It was not a conscious choice to retreat from public life.
b) if an area of water, snow, or land retreats, it gradually gets smaller:
The flood waters are slowly retreating.

change your mind

written to decide not to do something you were planning to do, because it was unpopular or too difficult
retreat from
The Canadian government has retreated from a plan to kill 300 wolves.

quiet place

to go away to a place that is quiet or safe
retreat from/into/to
After the noise of the city he was glad to retreat to his hotel room.

retreat into yourself/your shell/fantasy etc

to ignore what is happening around you and give all your attention to your private thoughts


technical if shares etc retreat, their value falls to a lower level

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