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retrieverre‧triev‧er /rɪˈtriːvə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  retriever.jpg HBADLOa type of dog that can be trained to find and bring back birds that its owner has shot
Examples from the Corpus
retrieverThe spooky goings-on happened when night watchman James Durham spotted a man with a heavy overcoat walking his black retriever.Twenty years later, he got a golden retriever and named her Allie.Of course, a well-trained Labrador made a good retriever.At this scale, a single ethanol molecule is roughly the size of a corpulent Labrador retriever.Others walked the retrievers, using spring-driven leashes.This retriever is walking to heel.And, accordingly, the two retrievers trained by De Cagny for the film came from an animal rescue program.Some breeds show a much greater desire to enter water than others, with retrievers tending to be especially keen.
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