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retroret‧ro1 /ˈretrəʊ $ -troʊ/ adjective  DCAVDbased on styles of fashion and design from the recent past retro '60s fashions
Examples from the Corpus
retroYounger audiences are becoming increasingly interested in bands of this musical grab-bag genre, and not only as a retro fad.It's simply been made to satisfy an ever-increasing demand from buyers for a retro look.Too often, retro rock stylings serve to camouflage weak songs or a lack of character.Such retro shapes demand parallel patterns.A lot of people loved the big Kawasaki's marriage of retro style with 1990s handling and reliability.Daisies are back in force, particularly on retro swimsuits and kids' clothing.Although the sound is retro, the band performs only original tunes.
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retroretro2 noun (plural retros) [countable]  American English informalAV a retrospective
Examples from the Corpus
retroWe have eight of these stylist fifties retro inspired ties from Thomas Pink Shirtmakers to give away.That was more than a tad retro so I distracted myself and put some music on.
retro-retro- /retrəʊ, -trə $ -troʊ, -trə/ prefix  PASTback towards the past or an earlier state retroactive legislation (=laws which have an effect on things already done) a retrograde step (=returning to a worse state)
Examples from the Corpus
retro-in retrospect
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