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reunionre‧u‧nion /riːˈjuːnjən/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]SESSO a social meeting of people who have not met for a long time, especially people who were at school or college together an annual reunion a family reunion a high-school reunion2 [uncountable]TOGETHER when people are brought together again after a period of being separatedreunion with Joseph’s eventual reunion with his brother
Examples from the Corpus
reunionIn 1995, about 150 former faculty and staff of Black Mountain attended a reunion on the Lake Eden campus.A reunion should cater for all levels of work and it is hoped this can be rectified next time.David is hoping for an eventual reunion with his wife.a family reunionMethodists' main concern was not so much the debate over collectivism v. individualism as over reunion of the various Methodist divisions.My twenty-year high school reunion is in August.At the Slavonic Studies reunion I met several current undergraduates from Campion.In the course of the reunion, the former collegians did what they had always done.Indeed, they've been estranged, with their reunion the basis for the play.We all applaud and drink to reunion.family reunionWe suggest that baptism for non-believers enables a family reunion to take place.But Banderas is treating the event like a family reunion.It was like a family reunion but it was nothing compared to the scene on the set the next day.For a while, being there felt like horning in on a family reunion.I felt like a distant cousin stepping into an ongoing family reunion.It gives priority to economic co-operation, reconciliation, family reunions and government-level dialogue.Go and celebrate in the family reunion area in Jubilee Gardens.
RéunionRéunion  an island in the western Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, that is a dependency of France. Population: 837,868 (2012). Capital: Saint-Denis.
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