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revealingre‧veal‧ing /rɪˈviːlɪŋ/ AWL adjective  1 SHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDEa remark or event that is revealing shows you something interesting or surprising about a situation or someone’s character a revealing insight into her life2 DCCrevealing clothes allow parts of your body to be seen which are usually kept coveredlow-cut a very revealing dressrevealingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
revealingFigures for the proportion of the total population in the labour force are quite revealing.I found this account sad but also rather revealing.The distribution of problems is also revealing.His second book on Mitterrand is filled with revealing anecdotes and interviews.As he wrote in a revealing letter dated 20 September 1963: To go there is to destroy the magic.An improper and dominant motive would have to be shown for revealing matters which would normally be in the public interest.The most revealing numbers are the net income.revealing swimsuitsMore revealing than their obvious differences are those points of overlap between the materialist and the psychoanalytic accounts.
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