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revelationrev‧e‧la‧tion /ˌrevəˈleɪʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable]TELL A SECRET a surprising fact about someone or something that was previously secret and is now made knownrevelation about/concerning He resigned after revelations about his affair. startling revelations about his backgroundrevelation that revelations that two senior officers had lied in court2 [uncountable]TELL A SECRET the act of suddenly making known a surprising fact that had previously been secretrevelation of the revelation of previously unknown facts3 [countable] informalGOOD/EXCELLENT something that is surprisingly good, enjoyable, or usefulrevelation to Alice Walker’s novel was a real revelation to me.4 [countable, uncountable]RR an event, experience etc that is considered to be a message from Godrevelatory /ˌrevəˈleɪtəri $ ˈrevələtɔːri/ adjective His playing has many moments of revelatory insights.
Examples from the Corpus
revelationBut tonight's lesson, dealing with electrical fittings, had been a revelation.Bangor have been a revelation this season and are still pushing for success on three fronts, unlike the poor old Blues.It was the single greatest revelation of his religious life.But the major revelation is the Symphony No. 4, which is conducted by the then-44-year-old Kurt Sanderling.The effusions of Vaneigem have an air of mystical revelation which is even more intense in recent publications.Each new revelation received extensive news coverage.To do this he did not need to make any apparently arbitrary appeal to particular revelation or received authority.The revelation of his adultery scuttled his chances of replacing Gen.Recently I had this revelation that my life is like stretch pants.revelation thatIt's the divinely inspired holy revelation that brings life.She could tell he was close to some revelation that would explain what was going on.I refer of course to Norman Lamont and the startling revelations that his Access card is £470 over its £2,000 limit.This was the revelation that brought reversal pathways to center stage.Recently I had this revelation that my life is like stretch pants.
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