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revelryrev‧el‧ry /ˈrevəlri/ noun [uncountable] (also revelries [plural])  DLwild noisy dancing, eating, drinking etc, usually to celebrate somethingcelebration
Examples from the Corpus
revelryWhen the Sheriff and his men approached the brothers at Winchelsea, they found them in a state of drunken revelry.Behind them Joe Alsop continued in revelry.And what a sight of revelry!Faint sounds of revelry issued into the night.However, their devotions were often disturbed by the sounds of revelry and dancing as the villagers gathered around the nearby maypole.Rachel daintily arched one eyebrow as if I had mentioned inviting her servants to some feast or revelry.People came from miles around to join in the revelry.In the midst of this revelry, Charles Darwin strides in.Though naturally quiet, she enjoyed being surrounded by the youthful revelry so prevalent in London in those years.
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