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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreverencerev‧e‧rence /ˈrevərəns/ noun  [uncountable] formalADMIRE great respect and admiration for someone or somethingreverence for reverence for tradition
Examples from the Corpus
reverenceI stood there, gazing down, and feeling a reverence for these spectacles of the natural world.She held herself raised by her great prosperity above all that ordinary mortals fear and reverence.There was no privacy for the dead: the most one could hope for was a certain reverence.I feel a kind of reverence in late summer when I visit that abandoned butterfly garden.Possibly that reverence for horned mountains extends back to the Neolithic period.The theme of the sermon was reverence and obedience.Although conducted with reverence and not rushed, it was still completed very quickly.For here lay no more than a piece of meat, oblivious, inanimate, an object to be examined without reverence.reverence forHuman conduct must be guided by compassion and reverence for all forms of life.
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