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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreverendrev‧e‧rend /ˈrevərənd/ noun [countable]  a minister of a Christian church
Examples from the Corpus
reverendHe walked in there a reverend and walked out a prophet.The reverend was on his way to Rome.
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ReverendReverend noun  RRCa title of respect used before the name of a minister in the Christian church
Examples from the Corpus
ReverendThe young and kindly bearded Reverend had tissue creases of sad worry round his eyes.Is it Reverend, the Reverend, Mr, Mrs, or what?Do you remember Reverend Ward?In 1634 the Reverend Thomas Hooker, finding Massachusetts too crowded and contentious, began to petition for the right to leave.Every Christmas we get a card from the Reverend, informing us that the weather is temperate.The man, the Reverend, was big, handsome, sad and powerful.