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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreverentrev‧e‧rent /ˈrevərənt/ adjective formal  ADMIREshowing a lot of respect and admiration opp irreverent a hushed reverent voicereverently adverb
Examples from the Corpus
reverentWe are aware that these reunions are in some way historic; for a few seconds we are almost reverent.Our goal is to find a third way, both reverent and free.Whispered in reverent and regretful tones, the rumors had been floating for the past few weeks that her condition had worsened.A prince is only given meaning by the reverent gaze of others.Long, reverent newspaper obituaries were produced.Yet beneath their glowing and reverent portrayal, there seemed to lurk another Abu Kamal.What little they spoke was in the specially reverent voice reserved by the middle classes for times of bereavement.Jacobs' tone becomes reverent when he speaks of Salzer.They called him Uncle, their attitude reverent yet familiar.
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