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reverse discrimination

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreverse discriminationreˌverse discrimiˈnation noun [uncountable]  SARthe practice of giving unfair treatment to a group of people who usually have advantages, in order to be fair to the group of people who were unfairly treated in the pastpositive discrimination
Examples from the Corpus
reverse discriminationThe fact is that both the benefits of affirmative action and the white-male fears of reverse discrimination have been exaggerated.At this point the debate over the civil rights bill merged into a wider national debate concerning the legitimacy of reverse discrimination.There are a number of legal formulae by which any suggestion of reverse discrimination is ruled out.Thomas was renowned as a vigorous opponent of affirmative action or reverse discrimination, espousing minority self-help rather than racial quotas.She does think it is sometimes reverse discrimination but wonders how else people will move up.
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